Troy Today 

Stay On Top of All Things Troy.

Troy Today, the City's quarterly newsletter, incorporates information on all programs, events and classes at City facilities, including City Hall, Library, Historic Village and Nature Center as well as standard resource information like contact names and phone numbers for City Departments, City Council, and other community organizations.

Troy Recreation, the Troy Recreation Department's guide to fitness, programming and classes for all ages quarterly newsletter, incorporates information on all programs, events, classes and camps at the Community Center and Aquatic Center.

Troy Today maintains regular features including road and infrastructure construction maps; new City developments; meeting schedules; Police and Fire safety tips and special programs; Code and Ordinances and other helpful information. Troy Recreation will be delivered to every household and business mailing address - approximately 32,000 total. Citizens may also pick up copies at City facilities (City Hall, Community Center, Historic Village, Library, and Nature Center) and in New Resident Packets.


Troy Recreation are now in a flip-book format that allows you to peruse it right on the web! This interface allows you to navigate the Troy Today and Troy Recreation newsletters by clicking the next page or previous page arrows at the bottom of the screen or by using the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.